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What Do I Need To Bring When Having a Document Notarized?

The Document

Check to make sure the document is intact and ready for notarization, with every field complete except for your signature. Most notarial acts require the signer to sign the document in the physical presence of the notary, so hold off on signing your document until you reach the notary’s office.


One of the duties of a notary public is to verify the signer’s identify. The notary must check to make sure the signer is in fact who they say they are. The purpose of verifying the signer’s identify is to prevent fraud, which is particularly important for sensitive financial documents like grants and wills.

Acceptable forms of identification for notarial acts varies depending on the notary’s state of commission, but most states allow the use of a driver’s license, state-issued identification cards, and military IDs. Check with either the notary or your state’s Secretary Office to determine which forms of identification are accepted.

Notary’s Payment/Fee

Don’t forget to bring the notary public’s payment when you come to the office.